Adventure park Jangalooz (also known as "adrenaline park") is a place that perfectly combines active outdoor entertainment with the right dose of adrenaline for a bit of excitement. This is exactly what brings it at the top of the activities you should definitely do in Istria.

Fun for everyone. This is definetly a place suitable for all.  In our parks, we pay special attention to the safety provided by the equipment of the world's leading manufacturers Saferoller by Kanopeo and Petzl, and this is what we are extremely proud of.

Adventure park Jangalooz includes some exciting attractions too, such as:

Zip line, Quick jump, Climbing wall & Net, 5 levels with obstacles from 1.5 to 10 m high and a special Trampoline park.

The beautiful natural ambience makes our Jangalooz parks the perfect choice for birthday parties, teambuilding gatherings or special family moments.

The English name "Treetop parks" perfectly evokes the place where magic happens - on the tree tops. In the shade of Mediterranean trees, there are more than 50 exciting obstacles on more than 5 tracks, a trampoline park and numerous attractions such as zip lines, quick jump, as well as climbing Wall & Net.

Our mascot better known as superhero Jangaman is in charge of good atmosphere and a dose of courage.

Just like you, he was an ordinary mortal, but with our super-safe equipment Saferoller by Kanopeo turned into a brave superhero who is no longer afraid of heights or free fall and confidently overcomes all obstacles in Jangalooz parks.

Click on the photo and see what Jangaman's transformation into a superhero looked like!

Fly, get through, jump over every obstacle - discover your superpowers, feel the adrenaline!
Jangalooz adventure park is calling you!

Jangalooz UMAG opening hours are as follows:
May and October: 10.00h – 18.00h // June and September .: 10.00h-20.00h // July and August: 09.00h-23.00h

Jangalooz FAŽANA opening hours are as follows:
May and October: 10.00h – 18.00h // June and September .: 09.00h-21.00h // July and August: 09.00h-21.00h

Jangalooz POMER opening hours are as follows:
May and October: 10.00h – 18.00h // June and September .: 9.00h-21.00h // July and August: 09.00h-21.00h

Jangalooz Fažana

Near the picturesque small town Fažana in a beautiful pine forest of the tourist resort Bi Village with shade and sea breeze, where even the warmest months are pleasant, there is an amazing and exciting attraction.

Jangalooz Umag

In the north of the Istrian peninsula in beautiful Umag, in a pine forest next to the tourist resort AC Stella Maris Umag you will find our Adventure Park Jangalooz. Great choice for an outdoor day, for families with children, couples,...

Jangalooz Pomer

In the very south of Istria, in Pomer, only 8 km from Pula, there is the youngest of our three Jangalooz Adventure parks. In the shade of Mediterranean trees with a beautiful sea view Jangalooz Pomer is a new place for...


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