Welcome to Jangalooz Umag

In the north of the Istrian peninsula in beautiful Umag, in a pine forest next to the tourist resort AC Stella Maris Umag you will find our Adventure Park Jangalooz. Great choice for an outdoor day, for families with children, couples, youth, and all those who feel that way.

Adventure park Jangalooz is a place for fun, recreation and get away from everyday life suitable for all ages.

Five levels equipped with numerous entertainment obstacles, a trampoline park, attractions such as zip-lines, climbing wall & net and a free fall- quick jump makes Jangalooz a unique place to socialize and create outdoors experiences.

Jangalooz birthday parties are remembered forever. We have never heard the word "boring" in Jangalooz. It is equally enjoyed by kids or adults, with the maximum security provided by the world's top climbing equipment.

5 levels starting from 1.5 m to 10 m height, 50 obstacles, over 200 m zip line, trampoline park, 9 m climbing wall and Quick jump from 12 m height, all this and much more is waiting for you!

The adrenaline experience is measured by the difficulty of the trails, therefore we have low, medium, medium high and high levels of adrenaline.

Before starting we will measure you with your outstretched arms as shown in the picture. The height determines which level is suitable for you.

Choose your level and your package.


Height: 1.5m / Elements: 10/ Heavy: Low


Height: 2-3m / Elements: 10 / Heavy: Low


Height: 3-4 m / Elements: 10 / Heavy: Medium


Height: 5-7m / Elements: 10 / Heavy: Medium high


Height: 8-10m / Elements: 10 / Heavy: High

Try our special attractions


Fly over 200 m on a fabulous zip line and enjoy the flight from a bird's point of view!


For those who don't enjoy heights but still want fun without restrictions and equipment, our net park is perfect!


Climb a nine-meter wall or net and don't worry you are secured by the True Blue system!


Jump from the top of the 12 meter high tower and experience the feeling of a free fall!


A little more action is waiting for you as you climb the net to the top of the 12-meter tower.

Are you ready for an adventure?

Send us a message to arrange your visit to our adrenaline park.